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Ngorongoro Conservation Area




Ndutu is located well within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area but right on the door step of the vast Serengeti National Park‚ Lake Ndutu‚ and its smaller sister lake‚ Masek‚ sit at the head of the world renowned Olduvai Gorge. Olduvai Gorge cuts through rock beds layered in time sequence from 2 million years ago to the present. It is here where humanoid bones have been found dating back to over 1.75 million years including a direct ancestor of modern man. Fossil footprints have also been found here and are the most ancient footprints yet discovered. There is an excellent site museum where you can explore the diggings with a guide and it is also a great place to view birds.

Lake Ndutu and Lake Masek form shallow basins where water accumulates from the nearby areas of slightly higher altitude. The water in both lakes is extremely saline (also called soda lakes)‚ too saline for human consumption. The Ndutu area becomes alive with animals during the migration because it is surrounded by the Ndutu woodlands and the Short Grass Plains which provide ample cover and food.

The best and most likely time to see huge numbers of wildebeest is from December through March when they give birth to their young.

Nearby destinations include:     MWIBA     SERENGETI SOUTH     SERONERA




Departure From To Arrival
08:00 Arusha Ndutu (NCAA) 09:25
09:30 Arusha Ndutu (NCAA) 11:45
09:50 Dolly (Kili Golf) Ndutu (NCAA) 11:45
08:30 Kuro (Tarangire) Ndutu (NCAA) 09:25
10:25 Kuro (Tarangire) Ndutu (NCAA) 11:45
09:00 Manyara Ndutu (NCAA) 09:25
10:55 Manyara Ndutu (NCAA) 11:45
09:40 Ndutu (NCAA) Arusha 12:10
09:40 Ndutu (NCAA) Dar es Salaam 14:35
09:40 Ndutu (NCAA) Dolly (Kili Golf) 12:40
09:40 Ndutu (NCAA) Kilimanjaro 13:00
09:40 Ndutu (NCAA) Manyara 11:40
09:40 Ndutu (NCAA) Serengeti 10:20 - 10:50
09:40 Ndutu (NCAA) Seronera 10:50
09:40 Ndutu (NCAA) Zanzibar 14:00 

All times are estimates and depend on the final route on the day.

There are multiple airstrips we fly to through out the Serengeti.

Serengeti airstrips are seasonal. 

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