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Manyara National Park

Lion lounging in a tree‚ Manyara National Park


Lake Manyara National Park is a good soft introduction to the safari experience. Manyara is a magical and scenic park with a horseshoe-shaped driving route through wooded pathways that wind between the banks of the alkaline soda water lake and the impressive rise of the Great Rift escarpment. Flamingos gather when the water level is suitable‚ as do many other water birds. An indigenous fig forest is home to many species as are the grassy flood plains and the light acacia woodlands and grasslands. 

At the northernmost aspect‚ close to the park gates‚ the forest and woodlands are fed by streams of freshwater flowing through the porous volcanic rock there‚ but further south‚ around Msasa River‚ the volcanic rock gives way to ancient‚ crystalline rock‚ creating impressive waterfalls down the Rift Valley escarpment.

Famous for the large elephant population which used to live here‚ and tree-climbing lions‚ Manyara National Park is often the first or last stop of a safari. The Park's habitat and scenery is one of the most diverse in Tanzania as is the game found here. 

Nearby destinations include:     ARUSHA     DOLLY (KILI GOLF)     KILIMANJARO     NDUTU 



Departure From To Arrival
08:00 Arusha Manyara 08:50
09:30 Arusha Manyara 10:45
15:00 Arusha Manyara 15:55
09:50 Dolly (Kili Golf) Manyara 10:45
14:30 Kilimanjaro Manyara 15:55
08:30 Kuro (Tarangire) Manyara 08:50
10:25 Kuro (Tarangire) Manyara 10:45
15:35 Kuro (Tarangire) Manyara 15:55
11:50 Manyara Arusha 12:10
11:50 Manyara Dar es Salaam 14:35
11:50 Manyara Dolly (Kili Golf) 12:40
11:50 Manyara Kilimanjaro 13:00
16:05 Manyara Kilimanjaro 17:50
09:00 Manyara Ndutu (NCAA) 09:25
10:55 Manyara Ndutu (NCAA) 11:45
09:00 Manyara Serengeti 09:50 - 11:00
10:55 Manyara Serengeti 12:00 - 13:10
09:00 Manyara Seronera 10:50
10:55 Manyara Seronera 12:00 - 12:30
16:05 Manyara Seronera 16:40
11:50 Manyara Zanzibar 14:00
09:40 Ndutu (NCAA) Manyara 11:40
10:00 - 11:00 Serengeti Manyara 11:40
11:05 Seronera Manyara 11:40


All times are estimates and depend on the final route on the day.

There are multiple airstrips we fly to through out the Serengeti.

Serengeti airstrips are seasonal.


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