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1. The liability of the carrier in the event of personal injury‚ death‚ loss or damage of baggage is subject to and limited to the provisions of the Tanzania Civil Aviation (Carriage by Air) Regulations‚ 2008‚ and the Montreal Convention‚ 1999.

2. Any exclusion or limitation of liability of carrier shall apply to and be for the benefit of agents‚ servants and representatives of carrier and any person whose aircraft is used by carrier for carriage and its agents‚ servants and representatives.

3. The Carrier undertakes to use its best efforts to carry the passenger and baggage with reasonable dispatch. Times shown in timetables or elsewhere are not guaranteed and form no part of this contract. 

3.1. The Carrier may without notice substitute alternate carriers or aircraft‚ and may alter or omit stopping places in case of necessity. 

3.2. Schedules are subject to change without notice‚ and in the event of amended timings the Carrier will attempt‚ but is not obligated‚ to advise the agent or passenger using the contact information provided. 

3.3. The Carrier assumes no responsibility for delays and missed connections with other transport providers. 

3.4. The Carrier is not responsible for any incurred costs resulting from amended timings‚ delays or missed connections.

4. The Carrier provides the services with small general aviation planes therefore‚ some restrictions caused by the size and type of aircraft may apply. At times‚ these vital restrictions may require (but are not limited to):

4.1. a group to be split and fly on a different aircraft.

4.2. the Pilot in Command to allocate passengers to specific seats. This includes but is not limited to persons who are temporarily or permanently restricted; or who require medical equipment on board; or who are only deemed fit to travel provided certain measures are taken. 

4.3. the Pilot in Command to stow carry-on baggage as checked baggage or place baggage behind the net at the back of the plane instead.

5. The Carrier reserves the right to use single- or twin-engine aircraft on any route.

6. On all the scheduled services baggage allowance is 20 kgs per person‚ in soft bags. This is strongly recommended‚ in order to avoid hard cases potentially being left behind due to the limited cargo space. This allowance shall include all checked baggage‚ all hand baggage‚ camera bags‚ etc.

7. Checked baggage will be delivered to the bearer of the checked baggage identification tag. In case(s) of damage(s) to or loss of baggage or delay in baggage delivery‚ complaints must be made in writing to the Carrier immediately prior to leaving the airport or airstrip‚ and the baggage concerned presented to a Company representative.

8. The carriage of excess baggage is at the sole discretion of the Company after taking into consideration the aircraft being used and the number of passengers booked. When excess baggage is carried it will be charged at the prevailing rate.

8.1. The carriage of excess baggage from all bush airstrips is at the sole discretion of the Pilot in Command after taking into consideration the aircraft being used‚ the number of passengers and route. 

9. The carriage of pets is permitted on a case-by-case basis provided all requirements are met. Contact our office in writing at least 15 days before the date of travel to enquire if there is availability on the applicable travel date and whether or not your pet can be carried.

10. Passengers shall comply with relevant travel and Governmental regulations in force at the point of departure and destination‚ present all documents required by the Carrier and arrive at the airport by the time fixed by the Carrier or if no such time‚ early enough to complete departure formalities.

11. Check-in-Time: Passengers must check in latest by the time indicated for the applicable airstrip/airport:  

11.1. One hour before flights from Arusha‚ Dar es Salaam‚ Kilimanjaro‚ Kogatende‚ Manyara‚ Seronera and Zanzibar airports.

11.2. 30 minutes before flights from all other airstrips. 

12. The Carrier reserves the right to reallocate seats if they are not claimed by a specific time before the scheduled departure time. In this event‚ the passenger will be considered a no-show: see no-show policy below.

12.1. For flights departing an airstrip that has check-in one hour before the scheduled departure time‚ seats that are unclaimed 30 minutes before the departure time can be reallocated.

12.2. For flights departing an airstrip that has check-in 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time‚ seats that are unclaimed 15 minutes before the departure time can be reallocated.

13. No agent‚ servant or representative of the Carrier has authority to alter‚ modify or waive any provision(s) of this contract.

14. The Carrier is not a "Common carrier" and does not accept the obligations or liability of a "Common carrier". In particular the Carrier may refuse to carry any goods at will and is not an insurer for the safety of the goods he carries.

15. The Carrier reserves the right to refuse carriage to any person or offload any passenger at any airport‚ even if in possession of a valid ticket or boarding pass‚ who(se):

15.1. has acquired a ticket in violation of the applicable law(s) of the country or the Carrier's tariffs‚ rules or regulations.

15.2. has not paid for their carriage in full: including all fares‚ taxes‚ fees‚ charges‚ etc. 

15.3. is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

15.4. has refused to comply with or hinders the implementation of any instructions from the crew‚ the Air Excel team or any other authorised personnel issued at any time.

15.5. has refused to undergo a security check of themselves or their baggage‚ or fails to satisfactorily answer questions in relation to this. 

15.6. has used threatening or abusive language‚ both verbal and gestural‚ towards the crew‚ the Air Excel team‚ other passengers or any other personnel interacted with during the course of the service being rendered.

15.7. mental or physical state poses a potential danger or risk to the aircraft‚ crew or other passengers; or has been deemed medically unfit to fly.

15.8. has made a threat or attempted to make a threat or hoax related to safety or security.

16. Passengers must be fit to fly. If the following circumstances apply‚ the Company must be notified in writing 15 days before the date of travel:

16.1. The passenger is only medically deemed fit to fly provided certain precautions are taken. These are the sole responsibility of the passenger and the Company does not take any liability for ensuring the precautions are met/taken. 

16.2. If the passenger is more than 28 weeks pregnant‚ a medical report or letter is required from a certified doctor clearing the passenger to fly.

16.3. If the passenger is a newborn baby‚ a birth certificate is required. Newborns younger than 2 weeks old will not be carried unless a medical report or letter from a qualified doctor is provided.

16.4. If the passenger requires special assistance or equipment while onboard the aircraft or to/from the aircraft‚ full details and requirements must be provided.

17. Tickets are to be issued 15 days before the date of travel to avoid automatic cancellation of the reservation.

18. Tickets are not transferable.

19. All taxes and fees are beyond the Company’s control and may change at any time.

20. Children under 14 years are carried at 70% of the adult fare. 

21. Infants under two years‚ not occupying a seat‚ travel free of charge.

22. Smoking is not permitted on any of our flights.

23. All firearms‚ ammunition or weapons must be declared upon check-in‚ and handed over into the charge of the Pilot in Command.

23.1. At all major‚ government owned and international airports all declarations must be made to the relevant government authority.

23.2. At all bush airstrips or airports without a government authority present‚ all declarations must be made to the Pilot in Command.

24. All claims or disputes for any event to be received in writing by the Company within four days from its occurence. The Law of Tanzania shall govern the contract evidenced hereby or contained herein and the Tanzanian courts shall determine any claim or dispute.

25. Credit card holder needs to be one of the passengers travelling and the card holder’s name should match the identification document used to travel on.

26. Any approved refunds will be paid in the same currency and form that was used to purchase the ticket.



27. Baggage allowance is 23 kgs per person‚ in soft bags. This is strongly recommended‚ in order to avoid hard cases potentially being left behind due to the limited cargo space. This allowance shall include all checked baggage‚ all hand baggage‚ camera bags‚ etc. The baggage allowance might increase depending on the type of aircraft chartered‚ number of passengers and route to be flown‚ etc.

28. Reporting time: Passengers must report at the airport or airstrip latest 30 minutes before the confirmed departure time.

29. Empty legs are owned by Air Excel which might decide to position its aircraft otherwise at time of operation.



30. Cancellations/amendments within four days of time of the flight will be charged in full.

31. Cancellations/amendments between 4-7 days of time of flight attract 50US$ handling fee per ticket.

32. Cancellations/amendments 7 days or more of time of flight attract 10US$ handling fee per ticket.

33. No-shows - Should a passenger not travel on the ticketed flight(s) then the unused sector(s) of the ticket may be used by the same passenger within 6 months of the original date of travel on a stand-by basis. Refunds in part or total for unused tickets will be made at the discretion of the Carrier only when there are exceptional reasons that can be supported in writing.



34. 25% cancellation fee on the charter price will be charged for all cancellations within one week of the confirmed departure time.

35. Private charter flights cancelled within 48 hours of the confirmed departure time are charged in full.